Política de privacidad

Grf&Partners is a group of consultants associated under this trademark, from this point onwards called as Grf&Partners. For administrative purposes, the grfpartners.com website is registered in the name of José Juan Fernández Munné. Grf&Partners members are listed in «About Us«. The information provided by users to the Grf&Partners website may be shared between them for the purposes mentioned below.

In accordance with the European Regulation on Data Protection (RGPD) EU 2016/679, on the protection of personal data, users are informed of the following points:
For access, subscription or registration to any of the services offered by Grf&Partners, it may be necessary for the user to provide personal data. In this case, the provision of the data will always be voluntary and with the express consent of the user.

With this objective, whenever it is necessary to provide personal data, and prior to accessing the corresponding form, this information sheet will appear, which the user will have to expressly accept by choosing the option «I HAVE READ THE CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY Of Grf & partners AND I EXPRESSLY ACCEPT «

The personal data provided by users will be recorded in a personal data file owned by Grf&Partners.
This file is under the responsibility of Grf&Partners, which declares that it has adopted legally required levels of security.
The purpose of collecting personal data is:

  • Improvement of the management and administration of the services offered, to adapt them to the real preferences of the users.
  • To maintain the contractual relationship, as well as the management, administration, information, delivery and improvement of the service In case of contracting the goods and services offered through grfpartners.com.
  • Sending information requested through the forms on grfpartners.com
  • Send newsletters (bulletins), as well as commercial communications of promotions and / or advertising of grfpartners.com and the sector.
  • Offering new services.

The data contained in the file will be used, solely and exclusively, by Grf&Partners, without its transfer being foreseen.
Except in cases where the contrary is indicated, the answers to questions about personal data will be voluntary, and the fact of not answering will not lead to a decrease in the corresponding service quality.
The user has the possibility of exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, in the manner and scope provided by law. To exercise this right, you can contact Grf&Partners by email, addressed to grfpartners@grfpartners.com